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Episode Show Notes

Heather, a Recurring Profit alumni, relied on 1:1 revenue and live launching, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to. Because that’s what we’re taught to do as course creators. 

But Heather decided it wasn’t for her and didn’t want that to be her forever strategy. So Heather launched her program, using the lazy live-launch strategy I teach in the Recurring Profit Program. And she made over $32,000 with 96 leads. She’s now making $10K months with her evergreen sales machine. 

Heather is a speaking coach for online entrepreneurs. She helps them get more comfortable in front of the microphone and camera, so they can better connect with their dream audience. 


0:23 – Introduction of our Guest, Heather

2:45 – Heather’s Experience with Live Launching

5:50 – Exploring the Idea of an Evergreen Sales Machine

7:10 – Why Recurring Profit Caught Heather’s Attention

11:50 – How Heather Structured Her Program After RP

20:20 – Webinar Messaging 

24:00 – Understanding the Numbers for Your Business

26:04 – What It’s Like to Have an Evergreen Course vs. Live Launching


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Live Launching Before Recurring Profit

Heather is a busy mom to two young kids. Before the pandemic hit, Heather loved the process of live launching, coaching, writing blogs, going live and all of the things that go along with live launching. However, in 2020, she discovered she would add part-time teacher to her resume when her son’s kindergarten class went fully remote. 

So she knew she was going to need to make some shifts in her business in order for her to continue growing and scaling. That’s because she wasn’t going to have as much time to dedicate to doing all of the things she was used to doing prior to a live launch.

Heather had been exploring the idea of shifting to more of an evergreen course, but didn’t know how it would work with her business. An evergreen course is when the entire sales process is completely automated. Anyone can join your course or membership site at any time. 

Exploring the Idea of an Evergreen Sales Machine 

When Heather found out about Recurring Profit, she signed up for the webinar. She’s a self-proclaimed sign-up-for-a-webinar-and-not-show-up kind of person. But for some reason she actually watched Haley’s entire webinar, and couldn’t get the information out of her head. 

The part of Haley’s webinar that really stood out to Heather was when she talked about Facebook ads. Heather did a live launch not too long before she found the webinar, and poured over $3,000 into Facebook ads. However, not a single lead was brought into her course from those. 

So when Haley talked about how you shouldn’t waste all your time on Facebook ads, but mentioned that if you do it right, you can sell to cold leads, Heather was drawn in.

You have to be able to cater to those who like a little warm up when purchasing something like a course, and to those that have a take-action-now approach to buying. 

Structure Her Course

The Recurring Profit encourages students to simplify their course as much as possible. You don’t need to have tiers, levels etc. Heather ended up completely revamping her course, and titled it the same name it has always been. 

Heather credits her lazy live-launch success to the clarity of how she delivered what exactly her students would learn in her course. In the past, it wasn’t quite as clear as it could be. In the lazy live launch, the way that I talked about the course was different from what I had done before RP. And the amount of people who purchased it during the webinar was insane. 

Messaging of Webinars

The messaging of your webinars is important. When you’re talking about webinar messaging and how other people teach it, Heather doesn’t like the old school webinar templates that everyone uses. When people get to the slide where they think that they have to say this one liner that everyone else uses, she calls it the parody effect. It’s when people feel like they have to say the words of someone else.

And this type of webinar doesn’t sell easily to cold leads. It’s the people who know you and are familiar to you that are going to accept this type of format. 

So when Heather switched a few things in her webinar based on what RP teaches, that’s when it all clicked for her. Because it was easier to market to those colder leads who were unfamiliar with Heather. This allowed Heather to scale her business. So it’s lower effort and more money!

Equations to Get You to Your Goal

Heather has been able to continuously grow on a slow trickle of leads because she understands the numbers. And she understands what she needs to hit her goals. You don’t have to have a huge volume of leads. Heather knows the right equations to get her to her goal because of RP.

Life After Live Launching

Life is a lot more calm and less chaotic for Heather and her assistant now that they don’t have to prep months in advance for a live launch. 

Heather jokes that she still gets DMs from people asking when her course will open up. And she always happily replies that it’s open now. It’s open whenever! I don’t have to show up for live webinars to sell my course. I get to show up live to coach my students. 

Heather created a program that allows her to show up to the fun parts of business and lean into what she does best, which is coaching. So now Heather offers 12 months of support, if you sign up for the course. Heather now gets to rock out on coaching calls and labs. And she also loves that she can show up in other areas like to podcast interviews that provide more visibility to her business, which then drives leads into her evergreen funnel.

Heather says she gets to play in the playgrounds where she shines and doesn’t have to depend on lives for her revenue. 


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eps 000

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eps 000

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eps 000