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I received a message on Instagram that shattered my heart. The message said, “I’ve been terrified to have a baby because of my business. But if you can go through all of this (referring to my challenging pregnancy), it gives me hope.”

That made me realize, “Wow, she is preventing her life from happening with what she wants because of her business.” And this isn’t using business as an excuse. This is using business as something that prevents a lifestyle. 

In today’s episode, I’m breaking down the five things that set my business up for success, and how to lifeproof your business. Whatever it is that you’re wanting for your life, whether it’s to have a baby, take an extended vacation, or whatever, I want YOU to know that business can be a catalyst for your lifestyle. It shouldn’t prevent the lifestyle you want! You just have to set it up the right way and make it lifeproof.


0:30 – A DM that Broke My Heart

1:37 – Journey to Parenthood 

3:27 – Business Can Be A Catalyst for Your Lifestyle 

4:41 – 5 Things I Did to Set My Business Up for Success

6:30 – Put an Automated Sales Machine in Place

9:39 – Have a Team Fuel the Sales Machine

10:32 – Streamline Your Program

13:00 – Students Should Get Results without You and Your Program

14:10 – You Have Goals for Your Team to Hit


​​If you are a course creator or membership site owner who wants your business to be a catalyst for your lifestyle, I created this training just for YOU!

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How to Lifeproof Your Business

Our Journey to Parenthood

If you haven’t heard about our journey to getting pregnant, my husband and I tried for about a year. We had a miscarriage, and then about a month after that, we got pregnant again. The pregnancy was hard to say the least.  

However, even through all of that, my business grew. Actually it grew a lot. When I got pregnant, Recurring Profit was probably at the $2M mark, and when I got back, we were at $4M in three months. And that’s all thanks to my team. 

Business as a Catalyst 

In order for your business to be a catalyst for your lifestyle and not a preventive, you have to build it in a certain way. Just because you have a business definitely doesn’t mean that you’re going to get the lifestyle you want. 

The backend of your business determines if your business is a catalyst or a preventive. 

Five Things to Set Your Business Up for Success 

#1: Create an Automated Sales Machine

If you don’t know what an automated sales machine is, go to There’s a training that will break down all the pieces of a sales machine, and all the different traffic sources to fuel it. Some examples of these traffic sources are using cold-free leads to get to 10K months and delegating growth to a team. Bring a pen and paper to that training! 

This is not just an evergreen funnel. Whatever is automated that produces sales for you, should be able to convert someone who has never even met you. You don’t want to have to always warm someone up before you can make a sale to them. You want someone, who doesn’t know you from Adam, to come into your sales machine and purchase from you in less than 24 hours because it’s such an easy “yes!” for them.

 #2: Delegating Growth to a Team

You need a team member that can fuel the sales machine with consistent traffic so you’re bringing in revenue every month. This could be a contractor or employee. I recommend not relying on posting on social media every day, newsletters or opt-ins. You’ll find that out in the training I mentioned earlier.

I would recommend cold-free leads first. Then, once you get to six-figures, then you can use paid traffic. And then scale from there!

#3: Streamlining Your Program

Every single daily, weekly or monthly task should have a process and be delegated to a responsible person who cares about the details being done right because they love your students so deeply. 

Your team has to care about your business and your students just as much as you do. And it’s OK to set an expectation about that for your team.

#4: Getting Results Without Your Program

Your students should be able to get results without you and your program. If they can’t, the program isn’t scalable. 

I know there are many listeners who are burnt out freelancers, who have a service, clients and an income ceiling. 

We’re used to trading time for money and being so heavily involved with the people paying us. It’s hard to break that. So make sure when you’re building your program, it’s built so well that students can get results without it. That way, when you show up, it’s actually fun. It’s not an obligation. 

#5: Have Goals for Your Team to Hit

You need to have goals for your team to hit, even if it’s for months at a time, while you go deal with life. You have an entire plan that you can lay out. I call these “stage goals.”

I use and visually break down my goals for the team. Then, I copy that link and put it in our project management system, so that they can easily see where we’re at with our goals. And then I just delegate it. 

These five steps are how you lifeproof your business, and you’re set up for when you want to take off. 


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eps 000

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eps 000

“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000