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This episode is about the phrase mindset issue. Mindset is important, but only one part of the equation. And as a course creator, it’s our responsibility to NOT write off everything as a mindset issue. And, I want to make it clear that your mind is NEVER the issue. Your mind is the creator of everything you want and need. 

It’s my job to help Recurring Profit students leave in a way that they actually trust their mind more. When you build a program, your students’ success should not depend on you, the course creator, to be successful. Because now those students think they have to keep paying you to see results. Great for retention, but not great for them because now they don’t trust themselves to make their own decisions.

The second problem is that many students are being told in other programs that they need to switch their beliefs and start believing something else. And sometimes this can be true, but most of the time we need to look at all the other variables before we make assumptions. 

How to Switch Your Mindset: Internal Conversations 

Imagine this as a visual. You’re having an internal conversation with yourself. From that internal conversation, there’s usually a catalyst to an action or behavior. So that action or behavior is what is creating either an obstacle or a result. Both the obstacle and the result create different symptoms. 

When a student comes to you with a symptom, they’re either frustrated or happy with something that’s going on with their business on the topic you’re coaching about.

The symptoms are usually surface-level things that have a lot of emotion attached to them. So when a student comes to you with a problem that they believe your course can solve, you don’t want them to feel bad for having symptoms that frustrate them. 

However, you also can’t take on their negative energy. You have to maintain a neutral, steady place. Then, you need to celebrate them for speaking up about these symptoms. Many people view negative feelings as bad. And I think that’s why so many label that as a mindset issue, and they’re brushed aside to sort it out themselves. 

Once you notice that a student is experiencing an obstacle, it’s your job to help them identify that specific obstacle. It shouldn’t be all on you or all on them to find the obstacle. It’s a team effort. 

What to Do When People Aren’t Seeing Results From Your Course

Our knee jerk reaction is to blame the student or the student blame the course creator. We feel shame, and instantly want to blame the other person.

This is why I always encourage my students to focus on one course at a time. So that they can tweak, revise and make their course their playground. 

If someone isn’t seeing results from a program, you have to play scientist. Because what if it’s not the student? I don’t want to assume anything. What I care about is finding the actual answer, and finding a solution to help them. Plus help future students avoid what this current student is experiencing.

First you have to ask that student where they’re stuck. And then go dissect that part of the program to see if it’s step by step enough. 

Second, do they know how to think through the strategy? The content might be good. But is the strategy clicking with them? 

Then, the third question is asking if the method works? If the method doesn’t work for them, it’s a content problem. Or is the behavior of how they approached the lessons or videos? If so, then I need to go make sure those videos and lessons are crystal clear. 

Eliminate Mindset Issue from Your Vocabulary

If you’ve ever been told that you have a mindset issue towards business, I would like you to eliminate that thought completely. Instead, word it as an internal conversation that’s not creating what I want. 

Your mind is the creator of the obstacle. Everything happens for our good at the end of the day. Your mind is creating these obstacles because it knows what you need, and what you need to work through to become the next-level entrepreneur that you’re meant to be. 


1:00 – Importance of Mindset 

4:00 – Why People Aren’t Trusting Their Own Mind

6:17 – How to Shift Our Mindset

10:25 – When a Symptom Is Attached to an Obstacle 

14:56 – When People Aren’t Seeing Results from Your Course

20:54 – Definition of Success

23:34 – Haley’s Belief About Obstacles


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eps 000

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eps 000

“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000