How To Create Wealth As An Entrepreneur

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I’m inviting you to join a new generation of women that are redefining how they generate wealth. So listen in, as we disrupt the wealth industry by showing you how to create wealth that pays you now and forever inside The Disruptor Movement!

Haley here, and I’m on a mission to disrupt the wealth industry by letting women inside. I grew up middle class in a tiny town in Arkansas with no exposure to anything business related. My entire life, I was surrounded by messages that limited what I could do and who I could be in the world because I identified as a woman. Today, I still hear very capable women repeating those same messages.

But I’m here to tell you that wealth creation IS possible even if you didn’t grow up around it! The problem is the concept of wealth hasn’t been taught to women because…

  • We weren’t allowed in those rooms
  • Women’s equality and equity are VERY NEW 
  • Wealth hasn’t been a part of our identity… until now

A rebel by nature, I’ve always enjoyed learning the rules, so I can break them (strategically in a way that benefits people of course). Society’s conditioning — when it comes to money, needs to be broken, and that’s why we need DISRUPTORS! 

When it comes to women and the topic of wealth, there’s a common theme… fear! The word literally terrifies them. Wealth just feels too big or even too scary. This is why I’m so passionate about helping women understand and move past the fear of wealth… as we step into thinking bigger.

Over the last several months, I’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you a brand new membership program called The Disruptor Movement, where entrepreneurs just like you can access the education, tools, community, and live support they need to take their businesses from making money to generating wealth. 

This is where it all starts… with you… a generation of women stepping up right here… right now! It’s time to say goodbye to fear and hello to starting your legacy, your power, and your freedom as a Disruptor.

Making Money vs. Generating Wealth

Money and wealth essentially sound the same, but they’re actually entirely different. So what’s the difference? The difference is business versus wealth. Making money is made through effort. Your revenue number is a constant reflection of how many hours you’re putting in. Generating wealth is where money multiplies itself through channels you create. It’s not like your business and plays by an entirely different set of rules.

For any entrepreneur joining the Disruptor movement, (which you can do by clicking right HERE), I’m going to suggest both. Because wealth isn’t a replacement for your business (unless you want it to be). When most think of wealth, they typically think of finance talk, which sounds super confusing and boring. There’s also the hustle now, sleep later mentality and the ever-popular advice of investing now but don’t access the benefits until you’re older. The thing is this type of investing was designed for the 9-5 employee, not entrepreneurs like us, and is not a reflection of wealth.

Goodbye Burnout and Hello Endless Possibilities

Is it just me, or is burnout EVERYWHERE these days! It’s the constant cry of I want more and need more, so therefore I have to do more. It’s not only predictable but the answer to everything, right? Do more, work harder, work smarter… all so you can save time to turn around and work more. The problem is this never-ending cycle is unsustainable! 

That’s why I’m dedicated to helping 10,000 women make the transition to “I have more”, feeling at peace because they’re receiving income from their wealth EVERY… SINGLE… MONTH. This not only makes their business an option, it makes their business a playground! 

Business is just a game, and that’s where wealth comes in and takes all the pressure off. All those “what if’s”… suddenly vanish because you’re receiving paychecks from your wealth. So you move to a place of “I want this because it’s fun or because I’m helping people.” Your business turns into a non-pressure action and creates endless possibilities to change the world.

The Disruptor movement is a wave of women and entrepreneurs everywhere disrupting the wealth industry. So how is this movement actually disrupting the wealth industry? It’s by creating your own space inside the wealth bubble.

The goal doesn’t have to be millionaire or billionaire status. It could simply look like receiving paychecks of $5,000 to $10,000 every month from your wealth. The way I define wealth is the ability to receive income that covers your bills and your lifestyle every month without relying on you. Your game might look completely different, and that’s okay because that’s what we’re here to discover. 


00:58 – Women and wealth… overcoming a limiting narrative

2:46 – Move past the fear of wealth… and step into thinking bigger

3:30 – Making money vs. generating wealth… what’s the difference

5:31 – Saying goodbye to burnoutand hello to a world of endless possibilities

8:10 – Disrupting the wealth industry… and creating your own space inside the the wealth bubble


Imagine what a tangible, step-by-step roadmap to your wealth looks like. Predictable profit in your business and a life of wealth outside of your business. That’s exactly why I created the Disruptor interactive membership for entrepreneurs! For only $75 a month, you get access to the processes and tools that I use in my own business and every business I invest in to lock in predictable profit. You also get access to a community that shares big ideas, live support twice a month, and your very own customized wealth game plan! 

Yes, my mission is centered around women, but no matter how you identify, no matter where you’re at in life, no matter how you look, and no matter what you think, as an entrepreneur, wealth is available to you right now, and I am so excited to show you what this can look like for you! So come join the wave of entrepreneurs who are disrupting the wealth industry by creating wealth that pays you now and forever! 

Watch my FREE 9-minute webinar where I break it all down for you. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting new movement!


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“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000

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“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000

“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000

“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

listen now

eps 000