SEO Relationship Building

4 Ways to Increase Off-Page SEO with Relationship Building

Increasing Off-Page SEO with Relationship Building

Relationship Building is the outreach aspect of Off-Page SEO. If Link Building is the introvert, Relationship Building is the extrovert. It’s taking time to connect with experts, consumers, influencers, and journalists who will promote your brand.

The Pareto principle works well here; I usually suggest to clients to focus their efforts in only four areas to see the most traction. Do these four things well and often.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting bring targeted, convertible traffic to a company’s website.  It also allows a business to grow their leads list by capturing a different audience.  It’s important to ensure that when choosing to guest post it’s on a site that will provide a backlink from an authority domain.

Blog writing can be time consuming and require a high level of effort, make sure that to have a strategy in place on who to target, how often to post, and what to include in each guest blog.  Create a list of sites to contribute blogs, the higher the page and domain ranking, the better.  Start by creating a list of sites that allow guest posting in your specific niche.

Social Media Engagement

It’s time to perform a Social Media checkup, and if you don’t have a social media manager, you need one. Having a strong social media presence and strategy is an integral part of Off-Page SEO. Are you updating on all channels frequently with content that’s engaging and informative? How much time are spending engaging with other experts and influencers? You should be following, actively liking, retweeting/regraming, and commenting both with consumers and industry leaders.

Also, make sure that your channels are optimized with relevant keywords and hashtags. You want people to be seeing the content you create, and to do that, you need to build a follower base.

Influencer Outreach/Brand Ambassadors

Lisa Chu, CEO of Black N Bianco, a children’s online clothing store, has seen her brand grow due to partnerships with influencers. In an interview with Databox, Chu states “social media has the ability to create real relationships with influencers that will build your credibility, leading to connections with high-ranking websites that will further build your online presence. Influencers also tend to be very connected with each other, so once you are in their circle, it becomes very easy to gain more influencers to promote your website or brand.

Customers place a lot of trust in the reviews and product usage of Social Media Influencers. It’s why companies, like Fabaletics, have seen such growth by using Instagram and Youtubers as part of their marketing strategy. By sending free products to influencers, and including affiliate or discount links to share with their followers, the company has been able to build a massive empire in women’s athletic-ware.

According to, 71% of consumers are more likely to purchase as item online after seeing it promoted by a social media influencer.


Increase your visibility as an expert by participating in interviews or conversations with other experts. Podcasting is my preferred method because they are promoted on multiple platforms, can be easily edited and shared. Youtube videos and webinars are also great outlets based on your audience. For businesses focusing on fashion or beauty, working with a “Beauty Guru” can shoot a brand into superstar status with just one video. Webinars work well for B2B businesses.

The one thing all four of these items have in common is relationship building. You’ll need to be actively fostering relationships with people of influence.


Off-Page SEO is an important part in online marketing, and can lead to higher conversion rates and organic traffic when done correctly.   But, doing it correctly requires focusing on building long-lasting relationships with bloggers, companies, and influencers that have high authority on Google search ranking.

Create an outreach plan that includes guest blogging, social media, influencers, and journalistic opportunities.  Following a strategy that include these 4 items will assist in developing quality backlinks.