5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Freelancers

Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Hiring Freelancers Over Employees

There is no denying that freelance work has changed the dynamics of the workforce altogether. Upwork, the largest global platform for freelancers, released a Freelancing in America 2018 report which shows that the amount of Americans who are choosing to freelance is steadily increasing.

The rise of technology is providing opportunities to freelancers and moreover, many individuals who freelance do so out of choice, as opposed to necessity. As more and more freelancers become part of the free market, this presents new options for businesses that are in need of specialized talent.

As a general rule, it is advantageous for businesses to keep their overhead costs as minimal as possible. Freelancers can help make this possible. Granted, nearly all businesses will take on certain overhead fees, but excessive overhead opens the door to a series of problems which are often easily avoidable.

Entrepreneurs have many responsibilities when they go into business for themselves and unexpected situations arise everyday. When business owners have the necessary capital to put into savings or back into the business, they are setting themselves up for success and longevity. For these reasons and many more, the businesses of today should strongly consider hiring freelance workers instead of traditional employees.

Freelancers Come with Tailored Skills

In most cases, freelancers specialize in various skills and market themselves accordingly. This can be very advantageous for business owners who require the completion of specific tasks, yet lack the resources or interest in training a candidate for the job.

It’s also worth noting that many skills which are common in freelancers are also in high demand within businesses; these skills often include, but are not limited to copywriting, video editing, graphic design, administrative work, and more. Freelancers who have been working remotely for quite some time additionally come with the added advantage of experience.

Freelancers are Often More Cost-Effective

Business documents cost-effectiveness as one of the leading reasons behind companies’ decisions to hire freelancers. The reality is that businesses that work with freelancers are not responsible for covering sick leave, health insurance, or paid time off. The same cannot always be said for businesses that choose to employ traditional workers and the subsequent costs can quickly become overwhelming.

Furthermore, the majority of freelancers charge either in accordance to the hours which they have worked or a strict flat fee for a given task. This simplified payment method can truly provide relief to business owners and help them maintain a budget which is advantageous to professional growth.

Freelancers are Easier to Connect with

Finding the right employee with the proper experience and expertise can truly be time-consuming and create unnecessary frustration for business owners who need to swiftly get a job completed. It’s not uncommon for employees to embellish their resumes or be dishonest about their skill sets; this often causes problems for businesses later down the line.

With taking on freelancers, the task of connecting with the right talent becomes notably less stressful and more convenient. Business owners can set up client accounts on freelance platforms, such as Upwork. On these platforms are a plethora of qualified freelancers, in addition to reviews and ratings from past clients who have worked with them. This subsequently aids business owners in determining whether or not a freelancer has the required skills and temperament for the tasks at hand.

Freelancers are Generally More Motivated

Longevity in the freelance business is largely dependent upon repeat work and ongoing clientele. In order for freelancers to achieve these feats, they have to be knowledge in their respective fields and easy to work with. Since the careers of freelancers depend upon admirable performances, they are much likelier to deliver prompt and exceptional work products; this bodes quite well for businesses which are seeking high-quality work.

Freelancers Clear up Time for Business Owners

Inc notes the extent to which freelancers save time for business owners who already have so much on their plates. The time which entrepreneurs would spend on hiring, training, and managing employees can now be devoted to other matters of importance. In the long run, being able to hire the right talent in a timely manner permits business owners to focus on greater responsibilities, such as reviewing quarterly reports, increasing business profits, pursuing a new venture in the company, etc.

In Conclusion

As technology becomes more and more integrated into society, people are beginning to realize the countless merits which follow. Many freelancers of today are pleased with the inherent flexibility and autonomy which comes along with working remotely for multiple clients. A considerable amount of freelancers are furthermore in the position to work from anywhere in the world, so long as they have a computer and internet access. This creates a world of opportunities for so many individuals who may otherwise experience notable limitations.

As the world of work evolves, it is strongly advisable for businesses to follow suit. The traditional 9 to 5 working hours are gradually stagnating as individuals seek preferable alternatives. Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their businesses and achieving longevity will do well to at least consider taking on some freelance talent.