Technologies to Watch in 2020

8 Emerging Technologies to Watch in 2020

8 Tech Gadgets That Will Emerge By 2020

Modern society enjoys its technology toys, and current business is no different. Emergent technology has made an impact on many industries. Most of these impacts are, for the moment, small. However, 2020 may prove to be a year that new tech will find its way into significant areas of industry. Here are some of the most popular candidates to make a splash on the scene over the next year.

1. Wearables

Investopedia defines wearable technology as any device that can be worn on clothing or embedded within the skin, powered by microprocessors that don’t need direct input from the user’s hands.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: Wearables are impacting several industries. Entrepreneur mentions that wearables have shown up as a disruptive force in sectors such as law enforcement, healthcare, sports, and education. Wearables allow users within these industries to focus on other things while their devices function without a need to fiddle with it. In many commercial applications, this is precisely the kind of convenience that people need.

2. 5G

5G is short for fifth-generation wireless transmission. SDX Central defines 5G as the next logical step in mobile communications technology after LTE.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: The telecommunications industry has gone through several iterations of wireless transmission technology. 5G is the latest one of these, but it seeks to shake up the system in a fundamental way. IDG Insider Pro notes that 5G is uniquely positioned to allow for new services, products, and business models. The much faster speed of transmission will enable a new era of mobile communications that makes the current bandwidth of 4G LTE systems seem like dial-up by comparison.

3. AR and VR

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are part and parcel of the same immersion technology. The Franklin Institute delineates AR as incorporating digital elements into a real-world setting, and VR as a complete immersive experience where the outside world is cut off from the user to enhance the experience.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: AR and VR have the potential to be disruptive to the entertainment industry. Already, AR applications such as Pokémon Go have shown the power that the system can leverage. However, the critical improvements that need to happen with VR to make it more viable are the development and progression of hardware for the entertainment medium. Tech Radar also states that the lack of content may also hamper these technologies.

4. Self-Driving Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle technology has been in development for a few years. Google’s self-driving vehicle division Waymo has already created a working prototype for testing. Uber, the ride-sharing solution company, has also invested a lot into making self-driving cars a reality.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: Self-driving cars have the potential to change how humans see transport. At the moment, Wired mentions that we may have a long while to wait for actual driverless vehicles since robots can’t deal with human drivers on the roads just yet. While we may see driverless tech implemented in cars, it’s likely the company will have a human there to babysit the machine and help it deal with unpredictable situations.

5. Intelligent Assistants

Most users already use Google Assistant or Siri in some form or fashion in their private lives. Smart assistants for business application, according to Onlim, leverage artificial intelligence technology to help the system understand and respond to voice commands.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: Having a human personal assistant means that sometimes one will have to deal with human faults and failures. While AI assistants are likely to learn more from their mistakes, they are likely to take some time to be adequately trained. Luckily, thanks to machine learning technology, digital personal assistants can recognize and develop profiled for their bosses, ensuring that after a while, the AI assistant gets the request right every time.

6. Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technologies are a series of tech that is built into home appliances and fixtures with the intent of turning a home into a smart home. With all the devices connected, the house can inform the owner of changes and needs for the household.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: Disruption Hub states that the marketing points for smart home devices usually include things like better energy consumption, security, and overall higher quality of life because of the connected devices. Everyone would like to have an easier-to-maintain home, so these devices have gained significant traction and next year is likely to see even more purchases with improvements to the existing technology.

7. IoT

ZD Net tells us that the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected devices that can collect and share data among themselves through the internet.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: IoT has been a significant disruptor to many industries. Implementations of IoT include applications in manufacturing, supply chain management, and even inventory tracking. Many of us may have encountered IoT devices and overlooked them because they are so tiny and unobtrusive. The data they collect, however, goes towards generating insights for companies and learning more about us as consumers. The IoT is likely to see broader expansion by 2020.

8. Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI, as defined by SAS, is a technology that allows computers to learn from their experiences, and make human-like decisions.

How it’s Disrupting the Industry: AI may be one of the most disruptive technologies to the average worker today. Thanks to its ability to be precise and accurate at routine tasks, and learn from its mistakes, jobs that don’t have that much of a thought process attached to it are likely to be taken over by AI. The result would be low-skilled workers left on the breadline after having their jobs taken over by machines. While this may be a long way in the future, the fear already exists in some parts of the population.

Emerging Technology is Everywhere

One of the most amazing things about being alive in the twenty-first century is seeing how ubiquitous technology has become. It has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives, yet remains one of the most overlooked elements of modern existence. As technology continues to improve, we will see an increase in gadgets with a decrease in price as they become more common. Eventually, society will reach a point where we will be unable to remember a past without such devices and interactions.