Apple Launches iPhone 11

Apple Launch features iPhone 11 and Slofie

Apple iPhone 11 Launch Unveils the Slofie but No 5G

Let me take a Slofie. And no, that’s doesn’t mean a selfie with a sloth, it’s Apples new slow-motion selfie. Yes, you read that right, slow motion. It’s one of the new features Apple debuted on its September 10th press event.

The event, held in the Steve Jobs Theater, located underneath the Spaceship campus building in the heart of Cupertino, followed the typical Apple launch keynote.

And while there were presentations from Tim Cook and Phil Schiller, the absence of Jony Ives and Angela Ahrendts was palpable.  The company sought to fill the void left Ivy and Ahrendts with an odd mix of filmmakers and game designers.  The first 13 minutes of the event didn’t show much than video gameplay.

What Launched

Despite a lackluster show, Apple still brought the goods, launching new phones, iPads, and Watches. Let’s break it down.

3 New iPhones

The company launched three new handsets this year: the Apple iPhone 11, Pro 11, and the Pro Max 11.  All three phones come with an upgraded camera and IOS 13 standard.

The standard iPhone 11 came with something even more surprising, a reduced cost, starting at $699 (the price dips even further, to $399 when trading in a previous generation). It’s also colorful, taking a page out the short-lived Apple 5c headset, the 11 is available in six bright colors (but not in gold, rose gold, or the Apple developed color Space Gray).

The  iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max still come with hefty price tags, weighing in at $999 and $1099 respectively. They also come with four more hours of battery life, which may make the upgraded price worth it to power users.

Watch Series 5

When the Apple Watch first launched back in 2014, there were doubts that we’d see a Series 2, much less a series 5. But here we are, and while it’s still clunky, the feature list continues to grow.

This new generation of Apple Watches wants to be more phone-like. It’s added an always-on Retina display so that there’s always a watch face visible (and they’ve expanded the customized face options).

Some of the new “features” make you wonder what was the watch doing before? It’s finally added a compass, access to the App Store, and the ability to stream audiobooks. Did they need five generations to add these features?

One of the most surprising features is the addition of a built-in period tracking app. Since half the population experiences this event usually once a month, it’s great to see a company like Apple making tracking periods mainstream.


This year only one iPad got an upgrade, and that’s the flagship model. The iPad Pro, Air, and Mini were left on the back shelf for the event. The iPad will sell for $329, a great price on an entry-level tablet.

The new iPad now comes with a large retina display, with 10.2 inches of screen space. It also allows users to connect the Smart Keyboard formally reserved only for the Pro Model.

But the most exciting feature is the ability with iOS 13 upgrade to be able to use an iPad as a second monitor with any Apple computer. This long-awaited feature will double the screen real estate value for some users.


Apple TV+ is almost here. Launching on November 1st, just in time for the Holidays, it will be the lowest priced streaming service at $5 a month. But there’s a catch; you won’t be able to stream Friends or any of your favorite tv shows, the Apple service will only host original Apple series. At this point, does anyone want to pay for another streaming service?

Apple Arcade was front and center during the live event, the first 13 minutes of the keynote focused on it exclusively. Yet, we’re still unsure who it’s for and what’s the point.

It launches on September 19th and will include a catalog of 100 games. Its priced at $5 a month and can be shared with up to five family members.

Want to watch both Jason Momoa and play some iPhone games, it’s going to cost you $10 a month for both subscription options. No discount bundling here.


Apple Keynote events used to be one of the most exciting days in the tech world, but over the past few years, the lack of innovation and constant leaks has put a damper on the excitement.

While we’re glad to see Apple rolling out more affordable iPhone options and the addition of a more powerful camera, we were expecting more.  Hopefully, next year will see the integration of 5G and a thinner camera bezel.

As for Apple’s foray into the subscription and services realm, we’ll pass for now.