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Get Started with Video Marketing

The Beginner’s Guide To Video Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, video marketing is a hot topic in the business community. From Live Streams to Instagram Stories, videos can help present your brand or company to your primary customers in a way that is fresh, exciting, and above all, relatable. 51% of marketing professionals name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

So now that you know WHY you need to invest time and money into integrating video into your marketing plan; how in the world do you get started? Contrary to what many experts say, you don’t need fancy equipment, a videography crew or a large budget. In this article, we’ll show how to get started with video marketing in a way that is simple and effective.

Getting Started With Video Marketing


To produce good quality, engaging video content, you only need a few simple tools. Sure, big-budget YouTubers might utilize green screens, lights, and HD cameras but don’t need to waste time investing in these expensive items.

To get started with video marketing, you simply need a source of good light ( from a window or a battery-operated ring light), a tripod, and a smartphone. As smartphones have evolved, so have their video capabilities.

Currently, top many brands and companies are producing high-quality content solely with an iPhone. By utilizing these simple tools, you can create unique content that gets your audience excited to watch and interact with you.

Live Video

Using live video in your overall marketing strategy is a fantastic way to connect on a more personal level with your company’s primary audience.

According to content producer Vimeo, “live video is more appealing to brand audiences: 80% would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.”  The more you can connect with your customers on a human to human level, answer their burning questions, and showcase your products in real-time, the more likely you are to see higher purchasing behaviors and increased traffic.

Getting started with live video is as simple as pushing the “go live” button on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Linkedin but it does help to go ahead and sketch out the topics you’d like to cover so you don’t waste your viewers time.

Be sure to keep your video to 30 minutes or less to really capture your audience’s attention. Also, try to have a consistent theme or day of the week you go live on your social platforms to maintain consistency and build excitement.

Bite-Sized Informational Videos

If going “live” feels a bit daunting or not on-brand for your company then consider weaving shorter, informational, or motivational videos into your daily social media posts. If you don’t have the budget currently for a team of video editors trying using a tool like Wave, Promo or Adobe Spark.

These software systems make it easy to create videos that stop your audience from scrolling past them, and inform them about your company’s personality and values but using templates. If you are looking for inspiration on how to weave these types of videos into your social strategy, check out Marketing expert Mari Smith.

The Power of Instagram & Facebook Stories

If your brand hasn’t begun to integrate stories into your overall marketing plan, now is the time. Statistica reports as of January 2019 that there are over 500 million active stories each day. This means you have millions of engaged, potential customers ready to learn more about you and your brand via Stories.

Most audience members watch Instagram & Facebook Stories for a raw, unfiltered, behind the scenes view of your business. Yes, they want to learn more about your business, but they mostly want to connect and identify with your brand on a personal level. Using Stories is also a fantastic way to stay top of mind during the launch of a new product or service and create “insider” excitement.

Be sure to use calls to action in your stories to increase your ROI and website traffic.

Longform Video

If you want to up your brand’s marketing, you need to consider creating long-form videos. In June 2017, Ooyala reported that for the first time ever long-form video content across all the devices jumped to over 60% of video consumption. Long-form video (meaning video that is 10 minutes or longer) now makes up a majority of what people around the world watch every single day and those numbers are only growing each month. While bite-sized informational videos are fantastic at grabbing your customer’s attention, long-form video helps your audience learn more about your company and see you as an expert in your field.

To truly grow your online presence through a video, you need to be sure your content entertains, inspires, and informs your customer base.

The two most significant platforms to showcase your longer content are YouTube and IGTV.

Be sure to pay attention to the titles, descriptions, and keywords you include in each video to capture more organic search results.


Now that you know how to get started with video marketing, its time to implement what you’ve learned. We can’t wait to see how you up your engagement and ROI with video.