How To Create Wealth As An Entrepreneur

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The Secret to Wealth

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Did you know as an entrepreneur, you have a secret advantage and direct path to wealth? In this episode, I’m opening your mind to what is truly possible by uncovering the secret to wealth! While everyone else is stuck in the cycle of focusing their effort on making money, you have the unique ability to leverage your business to create real WEALTH that lasts now and FOREVER! 

Creating A Life of Wealth

When I say creating real wealth… I mean a life of wealth. I’m not talking about your 401k and retirement accounts or the kind that benefits when you’re old and retired. I’m talking about real freedom that benefits you right here and right now. The kind where you can contribute financially to your family without stressing over money and sacrificing the other aspects of your life. The kind where you can be irrationally generous to causes you care about. The kind that allows you to buy the car or take the dream vacation. 

But here’s the thing… all of this goes beyond what your business can create for you because if your business stops… your income source stops. This is why I want more entrepreneurs to take steps toward creating wealth. It’s simply thinking a bit bigger without having to add more to your plate. 

Active vs. Passive Money Makers… Income That Doesn’t Rely on You

Creating lasting wealth is the ability to receive multiple streams of income that don’t rely on you. That means your wealth number is covered every month (the amount you pay in bills + the amount of extra play money you want every month). The goal is to receive one or multiple paychecks that cover this amount. Now the keyword here receives because this is about strategy, not effort. 

So, if wealth is the ability to receive money regularly from something you own, what represents the something you own part? Well, I call them money makers because they don’t need me all the time to be successful. There are two types of money makers – active and passive. Active means it requires monitoring, whereas passive is a very hands-off approach to wealth.

Inside the disruptor, we choose the money makers and arrange them in a way where it creates a money machine. The money machine is then what creates your wealth and works for you at all times. We’re not relying on our business, we are relying on our money machine. 

So let’s breakdown each type of money maker:

  • Real Estate: Real estate is considered an active money maker where you pull income from buildings and or homes that pass the profit test. The profit test is very important, and we tackle that piece using some pretty amazing software inside the disruptor which you can join for only $75 a month by clicking right HERE. I made it so that anyone can have access to learning how to actually create wealth for themselves and create predictable profit in their business.
  • Business: Business is also an active money maker but is where you can receive payments in one to four ways from creative income-producing business deals. This is my personal fav because who doesn’t love a good business deal!?! 
  • Portfolio: The third moneymaker is actually passive and that’s your portfolio. This is where you put money in a passive money machine that grows steadily every year and pulls a percentage as a paycheck every month while it grows. This my friend is how the wealthy stay wealthy. There’s a different kind of game being played with money among the wealthy, and I wanna move more entrepreneurs into that game!

How Do You Get a Money Maker?

So now that we know what a money maker is, the question becomes how do you get one? Some money makers don’t actually require money at all while others do. There are lots of options when it comes to getting an active money maker. Whereas the passive money maker, your portfolio, it does require money from you so it can grow. 

There are two ways that you can get a money maker.

  1. You can pour the profit from your business back into your business to create more money and scale it faster. 
  2. You can purchase money makers. 

That’s why inside the disruptor, I give every entrepreneur access to the predictable profit model, which is exactly what I use when I invest in businesses. It’s basically a system you can input a business into, and it creates a revenue strategy that secures predictable profit and when you have predictable profit you have more opportunities. 

Think Outside of the Box

Okay, all that sounds amazing BUT what if you’re not in that spot right now, your business is a little inconsistent, and you’re not making a predictable profit. Well, I’ve got you covered because there’s a second way to get a money maker. 

The great news is there are multiple approaches to wealth, which I’m going to talk about in the next episode, that don’t require money. This is where your ideas come in, and there are actually idea templates inside the disruptor. And if I’m being completely honest, this way can sometimes bring even better money makers your way! I have personally found this to be the case multiple times. 

Some of the best business deals (the ones that have made me the most money and the ones that I pulled the most paychecks from) are the ones that I didn’t invest a dime into. Not because I didn’t have the money, but because it wasn’t necessary for that specific scenario.

This is why it’s SO important not to put yourself in a box! It’s easy to assume things and make rules in our heads like, “well, I can’t create wealth because I don’t have money right now.” Is that true? It’s only true if you believe it. Thoughts are like clouds – they come and go. I want you to really look at what’s in your mind right now. Look at the boxes that your thoughts create for you, and then look at how easily you’re putting yourself into those boxes.

So this box, for instance, is if I don’t have money to invest in a money maker then I can’t have a money maker. Is that true? When it comes to wealth creation, I have found that to be completely untrue, and that’s exactly what the wealthy do. The wealthy don’t stick themselves in a box and never come out – the wealthy question why the box exists!

The Secret to Wealth Revealed

So what’s the secret to wealth? The secret is that it’s not as scary or intimidating as you think. STOP believing wealth isn’t available to you because of where your business is or what your background looks like. Don’t let your thoughts block you from financial independence. The secret to wealth is that it is available to you right here and right now! 

Most entrepreneurs are so busy focused on making more money that they create a fancy-looking hamster wheel, but it requires them, the hamster to keep the wheel spinning (aka their business making money), and so the hamster keeps focusing on, well, what trick can I do on the wheel to keep it spinning for five more seconds? Or how can I make this wheel spin faster if I can run longer? The problem is… those are the wrong questions if the answer you’re searching for is freedom and luxury of choice. It’s time to make the hamster wheel work without the hamster while it creates money for you every month consistently. 


00:25 – Creating A Life of Wealth

03:01 – Active vs. Passive Money Makers… Income That Doesn’t Rely on You

08:56 – How Do You Get a Money Maker?

11:31 – Think Outside of the Box

15:12 – The Secret to Wealth Revealed


Imagine what a tangible, step-by-step roadmap to your wealth looks like. Predictable profit in your business and a life of wealth outside of your business. That’s exactly why I created the Disruptor interactive membership for entrepreneurs! For only $75 a month, you get access to the processes and tools that I use in my own business and every business I invest in to lock in predictable profit. You also get access to a community that shares big ideas, live support twice a month, and your very own customized wealth game plan! 

Yes, my mission is centered around women, but no matter how you identify, no matter where you’re at in life, no matter how you look, and no matter what you think, as an entrepreneur wealth is available to you right now, and I am so excited to show you what this can look like for you! So come join the wave of entrepreneurs who are disrupting the wealth industry by creating wealth that pays you now and forever! 

Watch my FREE 9-minute webinar where I break it all down for you. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting new movement!


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eps 000

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