How To Create Wealth As An Entrepreneur

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The disruptor movement exists to allow EVERYONE who wants a place in the wealth space to have one.. because wealth is AWESOME! So tune in because today I’m showing you just how you can create that space using The 3 Wealth Systems, aka three approaches you can take to wealth!

Creating Your Money Machine

If you missed last week’s episode, we covered ALL things money makers, which are basically active (real estate and business) and passive streams (portfolio) of income that don’t need you all the time to be successful. Inside the disruptor, we choose the money makers and arrange them in a way where it creates a money machine. The money machine is then what creates your wealth and works for you at all times. So we’re not relying on our business, we’re relying on our money machine. 

If you’re thinking in your head “Haley, my business is creating inconsistent income. I can’t create wealth”. That’s where the predictable profit model comes into play! We tackle that piece using some pretty amazing software inside the disruptor, which you can join for only $75 a month by clicking right HERE. I made it so that anyone can have access to learning how to actually create wealth for themselves and create predictable profit in their business.

Before diving into the three wealth systems, let’s first do a quick recap on what exactly a money machine is. Your money machine is a mix of money makers that send you paychecks every month. There are three approaches to creating different styles of this machine, but the machine itself is just a mix of money makers. The best part is you can get really creative with flowing revenue between money makers or even leverage money makers to benefit one another. This my friend is the power of creating your money machine! 

Now let’s dive into the three approaches you can take to create wealth as an entrepreneur!

The 3 Wealth Systems…

  1. The $0 Investing Approach: Your business isn’t at $0, but your available money for creating wealth is. 

This approach is a great fit if you have inconsistent income and want wealth but don’t really know where to start. This is where we creatively use strategy, not money, to access active money makers (business and/or real estate), or we can put energy into putting your business through the predictable profit model inside the disruptor. Either step is going to take you in the right direction, which is toward creating wealth that lasts! You just have to figure out which is the best step for you.

Keep in mind this strategy is all about trading resources. Yes, money is one resource, but there’s also your time, your skills, your network, your business, and your ideas. So this is where your creativity and value come in. With that said, it is important when you’re playing the game of wealth to have self-awareness, listening to those internal nudges inside your body and mind to determine if moving forward is a wise choice for you and your business in that moment. But don’t get stuck in the fear-based rules you create in your mind, telling yourself the only value to someone is money because value comes in the form of many things. 

Onto the second approach to wealth…

  1. The Hands Off Approach: Your business makes extra money every month and this approach allows you to use a passive money machine to let it grow thoughtlessly on your part. You can pull paychecks from this amount as it grows. It’s easy to see why this option tends to be everyone’s favorite as their business reaches around the six-figure point. 

Imagine if you put money into specific wealth vehicles based on your strategy. These wealth vehicles drive your money up, so more money keeps jumping in the vehicle, and you can just pull a percentage of that money out of the car, while it keeps driving and adding more. So you’re getting paid every month while the car keeps driving! That’s what a portfolio is.

What’s amazing about this wealth system is some of these vehicles are actually a tax write-off, meaning at the end of the year you can see how much profit is left in your business and put money into these vehicles. It’s a win-win strategy because you end up with a lower tax bill while your vehicle drives off and creates money for you. This is why entrepreneurs really do have a secret advantage when it comes to wealth, especially in this area. 

For the hands-off approach, you will need a wealth manager, and the good news is I’m sharing mine if you’re currently over a six-figure business! To connect with Caitlin, please email us at A big part of my mission is to get as many entrepreneurs into wealth as possible, so if having a wealth manager is a good option for you, let’s make it happen! 

The last wealth system approach is…

  1. The Visionary Approach: Your business makes extra money every month. This approach is typically for visionaries that are interested in not only growing their money, but expanding their resources through acquisitions and equity. This is where you can get really creative and is my absolute favorite for those that love the game of business. 

With this approach, you have all three moneymaker options available to you. So your money machine combinations are endless. In this category most use active money makers and choose one or a few to put money into their portfolio, so it grows on autopilot, while they go have fun creating their wealth playground. It’s also the approach I took, which looks like one of my business deals funding my portfolio, while my real estate money maker serves as a tax write-off to lower my tax bill. 

So why am I telling you all of this? Well the truth is.. I just want to help people and spread the word because I know this knowledge will change entrepreneurs’ lives! I’m so incredibly thankful for my wealth money machine because it has allowed me to transition away from selling and instead put all my energy into sharing, knowing that everything is funded every single month for the rest of my life! I want to teach you to do the same, so If you want to dive deeper into the steps and the how, come join me! I have it all mapped out for you inside the disruptor!


00:44 – Creating Your Money Machine

03:21 – The $0 Investing Approach

04:05 – Strategy vs. Predictable Profit

06:03 – Self awareness in the Game of Wealth

07:33 – Creative Business Deals That Don’t Require Money

12:18 – The Hands Off Approach

13:15 – Wealth Vehicles.. The Secret Advantage When It Comes to Wealth

15:32 – The Visionary Approach

16:26 – Wealth Is a Playground


Imagine what a tangible, step-by-step roadmap to your wealth looks like. Predictable profit in your business and a life of wealth outside of your business. That’s exactly why I created the Disruptor interactive membership for entrepreneurs! For only $75 a month, you get access to the processes and tools that I use in my own business and every business I invest in to lock in predictable profit. You also get access to a community that shares big ideas, live support twice a month, and your very own customized wealth game plan! 

Yes, my mission is centered around women, but no matter how you identify, no matter where you’re at in life, no matter how you look, and no matter what you think, as an entrepreneur wealth is available to you right now, and I am so excited to show you what this can look like for you! So come join the wave of entrepreneurs who are disrupting the wealth industry by creating wealth that pays you now and forever! 

Watch my FREE 9-minute webinar where I break it all down for you. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting new movement!


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eps 000

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