How To Create Wealth As An Entrepreneur

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If you’re ready to have a business that brings in consistent income with solid margins as an entrepreneur, then listen in because this week we’re diving even further into wealth creation using my secret, repeatable system… the Predictable Profit Model, to turn your business into something that can create wealth that lasts!

Creating Wealth With the Predictable Profit Model

As an investor in online businesses, I get paid by receiving a percentage of the business’s monthly profits every month as a paycheck. So what do I want to make sure this business does? One, I want the business to be set up to where there is consistent profit every single month, and two, the profit coming in doesn’t heavily rely on the entrepreneur otherwise the results are unsustainable, and the business won’t last long term. So the question becomes, how do we ensure this happens?

This is how the Predictable Profit Model was born, a system I developed to quickly and effectively make businesses bring in consistent income with solid margins, so I can depend on the business’s results. This is my secret repeatable system I still use to this day, and I also take every entrepreneur through inside the disruptor (which you can join for only $75 a month by clicking right HERE).

After putting your business through this model, you’ll have two things: your involvement in your business won’t determine your profit, and your consistent profit creates mental space for your wealth and for living life! Why is this important… when we start our business, as an entrepreneur, we’re thinking, “I’m going to get freedom” but the reality is that 9 to 5 quickly turns into a 24/7 life… NOT living a life of freedom! 

How to Make Predictable Profit in Your Business

Because I love to nerd out, let’s take a look at what applying this model to your business actually looks like, so you can make predictable profit in your business.

Here’s what you bring to the table… how many leads you want every month, and how you currently sell your offer (service, online product, webinar, sales call, video series, email, etc.). Once we’ve dialed in on that information, it’s now time to put your business through the Predictable Profit Model. Think of it as a comprehensive business system that focuses on marketing infused with sales psychology and a sales system that brings in steady sales.

Let’s break down what going through this model looks like by showing you the four letters I split everything up into… AICP. 

A: Attract – What is bringing in leads… what is actually getting clicks?

I: Invite – What is collecting leads or apps (your registration page or application process, etc.)?

C: Convert – What sells them (a webinar challenge or sales call)?

P: Profit – What allows them to pay?

Since I love profit… let’s start with P first! Here are some questions to ask yourself. Is it well known? Is it converting well? Is it a no-brainer? Is it priced for profit? These are all questions you’ll want to lock down.

Next up, the I & C… invite and convert. Think of this as the sales system or funnel. You have a dependable system that works like a machine and converts leads into buyers consistently. I prefer to work on Evergreens because it’s automated, so anyone can access your offer at any time.

And lastly, A, which is attract… where you have ready-to-buy traffic coming in by placing a feeder system in your marketing, basically the traffic feeds you leads consistently. We use sales psychology to prime this traffic to be ready to buy from you so you have a higher conversion rate. 

Most entrepreneurs have these pieces set up, which is great, but the problem is they’re likely not working the way you want them to, and this is exactly where joining the disruptor comes in! 

Getting to the Root Cause of Inconsistent Income

Inside the disruptor we use the profit accelerator. Think of it like a marketing and sales audit that pinpoints exactly what is causing your income to be inconsistent. It’s also where we use all four letters (AICP) to really nail down how we can create consistent income every single month!

Even if you’re making multiple six figures, you can still be making inconsistent income. It’s not the revenue level that matters… what matters the most is if your marketing and selling is your business set up in a way that can run without needing you all the time. Is it set up in a way that you can basically project and predict the amount of sales that are coming in at the end of every month? That’s what we want… so by using the Predictable Profit Model you can start predicting your income and profit as well as catch any holes in your system. 

Strengthening Your Marketing Machine

If you’re wanting to turn your business into something that can create wealth, we go over all this and more inside the disruptor. So come join us HERE, so you can start using the Predictable Profit Model in your business! I can’t wait to talk to you on next week’s episode, where we go over what keeps people from wealth. 

This podcast was created for you, so if you have a question around business or wealth, head over to See you next week!


00:24 – Creating Wealth With the Predictable Profit Model

01:52 – How to Make Predictable Profit in Your Business

03:31 – Your Four Letter Marketing and Sales System

06:13 – Getting to the Root Cause of Inconsistent Income

07:38 – Strengthening Your Marketing Machine

10:05 – Predicting Your Income and Profit


Imagine what a tangible, step-by-step roadmap to your wealth looks like. Predictable profit in your business and a life of wealth outside of your business. That’s exactly why I created the Disruptor interactive membership for entrepreneurs! For only $75 a month, you get access to the processes and tools that I use in my own business and every business I invest in to lock in predictable profit. You also get access to a community that shares big ideas, live support twice a month, and your very own customized wealth game plan! 

Yes, my mission is centered around women, but no matter how you identify, no matter where you’re at in life, no matter how you look, and no matter what you think, as an entrepreneur wealth is available to you right now, and I am so excited to show you what this can look like for you! So come join the wave of entrepreneurs who are disrupting the wealth industry by creating wealth that pays you now and forever! 

Watch my FREE 9-minute webinar where I break it all down for you. I hope you’ll join me in this exciting new movement!


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eps 000

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eps 000

“Brooke went from making her first 6 figures in 2022 to planning a 3 million dollar year for 2023.”

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eps 000